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Hidro carroça

Carroça anfíbia, usada para hidroterapia em cavalos feridos.

Só não vale usar para fazer ski aquático!

Texto original da patente:The sulky is harnessed to the horse by a shaft (11) and has floats (13,45) for buoyancy when exercising in water. Alternatively, there may be two shafts and associated floats, each having a front support wheel (25), adjustable in height and direction. The shaft may attach to the horse saddle or harness, by a universal joint. The vehicle may have two rear wheels (45), for land use, pedal powered (49), on a tricycle frame (46). The tricycle frame may fix to the extended shafts. The rear wheels may form floats, or have paddles (59). USE/ADVANTAGE - Hydrotherapy for injured horses, Water horse sport. Driver may aid on land and entry to water. Low cost, adaptable.: FR2694256

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